Intuitive Healing

“It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” - Hippocrates

For me, Intuitive Healing integrates many different avenues of healing. It is a form of energy healing drawing on Universal or Whole energy. As a form of mediumship, healers in the world of spirit draw close to me and use me as a channel through which the healing energy can flow through my hands to the receiver with the intention of transmuting unhealthy or fragmented energy into health and wholeness.

As part of my Intuitive Healing practice I integrate various methods of healing as needed. I’m certified in Spiritual Healing, Level II Reiki and the Schonhardt Integrative Healing Method -- all of which are energy healing methods. I encourage and guide those with whom I’m working to participate in their own healing journey. I draw from my varied levels of expertise to help each individual learn how to help him/herself on an everyday basis. As a healer it is my job to set the conditions so Universal sometimes called God energy is free to do bring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance to the receiver.

"The basis of all healing is a change in belief."
- Thomas Toward

  • Healing occurs on many different levels and is an ongoing process as the journey within continues to bring forth higher states of consciousness. Remote Healing over telephone. (includes a powerful healing meditation)
  • As the individual is ready, healing energy allows one to move beyond the personality to effect change, restoring the natural flow of energy. Balance can then be restored.

There is a natural flow for me today. I gratefully accept it.

  • A peaceful mind precedes all healing.
  • Healing methods have as their foundation universal and spiritual laws. Anyone who conscientiously studies and applies these laws can be a channel for healing in themselves and others.
  • Healing energy moves the individual beyond the sense of separation where the real self is free to initiate healing.
  • Self discovery is a part of healing.

Make the Connection! Join Rev. Vi on your journey into the healing flow of life!


  • Intuitive Energy Healing (includes focused healing techniques on a massage table).
  • Remote Healing over Telephone (includes a powerful healing meditation).
  • A Combination of Energy Healing and Spiritual Coaching (includes guidance in healing yourself).
  • Starts at $65.00


"Rev. Vi creates a sacred atmosphere in which to meditate and participate in my healing journey as she works with me for remote healing. Speakerphone technology allows us to share time and place across the miles. There are no expectations for a session’s outcome, for Divine Order reigns; Rev. Vi fulfills her calling as a channel for spirit with humility and gratitude. Her vivid, personalized, creative, uncomplicated and lasting imagery invites me to stillness and communion with my guides, teachers, and loved ones as she channels healing energy to me. The sessions can bring me tangible sensations or subtle shifts in awareness. Always they are a reminder that I neglect to call upon my guides with the end constancy, enthusiasm, and love with which they embrace me." - Debbie Jolly, Herndon, VA

"A Spiritual or Intuitive healing session with Rev. Violet Schonhardt is an experience of tremendous peace and comfort. Rev. Schonhardt is an experienced healer with a strong energetic presence. After my healing, I not only felt much more relaxed and calm, but also quite refreshed and renewed. I highly recommend Rev. Schonhardt for a spiritual energy healing session." - Lisa, Giragoson, Durham, NC

"Some would think the transformative effects of Healing Touch and Intuitive Energy Healing would be difficult to quantify. I speak from personal experience when I say that Rev. Vi Schonhardt’s integrative healing method brings measurable results in a noticeable relaxation response, stress and decompression, heightened energy, pain reduction and headache relief. I highly recommend her healing methodology." - Rev. Dr. Bil Holton, Durham, NC

"Reverend Schonhardt is always a constant source of strength and love. At any time I’ve needed to call on her for prayer or spiritual guidance, she has always provided a healing energy and loving support. I am grateful to have her as a pillar of strength as well as a source of abundant metaphysical knowledge and understanding. She has a shining heart." - Weechie Baker, Durham, NC

"I first met Reverend Vi at a Healing Circle during my first visit to the Lung Transplant Team at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina. The powerful energy of her group filled me with hope and encouragement, spiritual awareness and strength to go forward with my intentions.

One of my greatest one-on-one encounters with Rev. Vi was in the early days of my 12 day hospital stay following my bilateral lung transplant. Although I was doing very well, I did have some post-surgical issues and, as you can imagine, a tremendous overload of feelings and emotions. Fear to gratitude to joy to fear again. Rev. Vi brought with her an immediate sense of peace and calm. She allowed spirit to flow through her to minister to me. And her touch, both physical and spiritual, provided a healing balm to my body and my soul, allowing me to truly celebrate knowing her for two years now!" - Paula Thrush, Charlston, SC.

"I had a friend in the hospital and was visiting him when Rev. Vi also visited him and gave him a healing treatment while I was standing beside him. I was very pleased since not only did my friend leave the hospital soon after, but a long standing physical problem of mine was unexpectedly resolved. For months, I’d been unable to sleep on my right side due to hip pain. After that healing experience, I woke on that side, pain free and have been comfortable ever since." - Lynn Karatz, Durham, NC