Metaphysical Teachings

"The doors to the universe are open to me!
I am ready to receive!"

Rev. Vi’s Metaphysical Teachings are growing, open ended teachings which when put into practice bring growth and balance into life. Listen to her story:

"Over 30 years ago, I walked into a metaphysical church in Muncie, Indiana and my life was forever changed. Before my first visit, I often asked myself a question using the words of an old song, “Is that all there is to life? Is that all there is?” As I began to study metaphysics, I had my answer. No, that is not all there is! YES, THERE IS MORE TO LIFE... MUCH MORE! I am so grateful for my awesome life journey, the journey that began within myself!

"My focus as I began this journey was to know more, to enhance my understanding, to be more, give more and express Truth in everything I did. For me, living a life filled with service is as good as it can get! Of course I have also learned that all work and no play makes me an unfulfilled, out of balance girl, so I include time for fun, laughter, and play as well."

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Can Rev. Vi’s Metaphysical Teachings Offer You?


As you study with Rev. Vi, you will experience incredible growth, focusing on areas such as:

  • The Inner Journey 
  • The Anchor Within (Living from the inside out) 
  • God as source, all life, principle, universal energy, spirit, creator, all that is 
  • Self Responsibility 
  • Self Discovery 
  • Open Mindedness (Thinking outside the box) 
  • Managing Energy – Creativity – Resourcefulness 

"Don’t wait for your ship to come in;
row out to meet it."
- Unknown


As a participant working with Rev. Vi’s Metaphysical Teachings, you will embark on a guided journey bringing health and wholeness into your world. Practical Application and support are provided every step of the way.

Prayer and Meditation are foundational processes which guide your transformation. New doorways to understanding will open for you as you bring direction into your everyday living, through unique prayer and meditation activities. 

In accordance with your desires, you will learn how to use your heart wisely, build a satisfying relationship with yourself, and from that inward anchor, reach out into the world to all of humanity and to the whole of life.

You will make your life more than wishful thinking as you create the needed changes in your thought processes. You will experience the freedom to be the best YOU, you can be, as you release old, unproductive belief systems and integrate new positive, productive, belief systems into your life energy! 

Contact  Rev. Vi today, and open the door to your new beginnings! Grow in your understanding that as a spiritual being living in a physical world you can experience the best of both worlds. Experience your Divine Power as you build the life that fulfills your hopes and dreams.

"My Spirit Is Free! I Am the Me that I Long to Be!"


Individual Tutoring Sessions - $65.00

Your one-hour session includes:

  • Self-Discovery, as we explore the areas of teachings that would be most helpful to your specific needs 
  • Customization of process based on clarification and individualized creation of intentions and actions 
  • Enlightenment, as together we journey through your personal process 

Telephone tutoring sessions are available.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Classes

Rev. Vi offers stimulating and practical keynote presentations, Sunday Talks, workshops, and classes — all of which she customizes to meet the specific needs of your group. Here is a sampling of the areas she can focus on:

  • Healing (Whatever aspect is needed)
  • Exploring Past Lives
  • Metaphysics for Everyday Living
  • Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting — based on book of the same title, by Lynn Grab horn
  • Psychogenesis – It all begins in the mind
  • Healing in the Bible
  • Mediumship in the Bible
  • Origins and Development of the Bible
  • Many Metaphysical Topics – Identify your area of interest.
  • Ask Me! (This is a favorite of Rev. Vi’s. It is an informal Q&A session, allowing group members to ask anything they want. Rev. Vi shares insights and ideas based on her metaphysical and healing work of over 30 years!)

Contact Rev. Vi to discuss fee structures, logistics, and other details.

Durham Metaphysical Group – Meets every Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. Spiritual Development Class. Includes Meditation, Mediumship Development, Philosophy, Healing. Love Offering basis. Contact Rev. Vi to request an opportunity to attend this special small group session.

Contact Rev. Vi to schedule an appointment, book an event, or request additional information.

Phone: 336-364-1009


"Rev. Schonhardt’s Psychogenesis class is most compelling and rewarding. Her teaching style makes complex concepts easier to understand, while challenging the student to think about how these concepts apply to our everyday lives. This class was an eye-opener, helping me to better understand how my thoughts and words are catalysts of the creative force which influences my life and that of people around me, and encourages me to take the principles and apply them to my life to help make me a better person."

As someone who never had much exposure to the Bible until I was in my forties, Rev. Schonhardt’s Origins of the Bible class was a wonderful way to 'break in' to the deeper meaning of scriptural references, how they came about, and how they can be used as a useful resource. Listening to Rev. Vi’s voice as she reads comparative passages from different versions of the Bible is captivating and informative. I could listen to her talk all day!" - Mark Stein, Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you very much! Wonderful, unusual classes that last a life time!" - Eve Hoades, Bachanan, Va.

"Rev. Violet Schonhardt is an insightful instructor who makes learning interactive and relevant to her students. I appreciate her ability to combine theory with experiential exercises, creating a very holistic learning experience. Rev. Schonhardt’s knowledge, wisdom, sharing and humor makes studying with her a truly wonderful opportunity." - Lisa Giragosan, Durham, NC

"Rev. Vi has been a teacher and inspiration to me these last four years. Her knowledge of the subject that she teaches and depth of belief and enthusiasm she has for these classes is contagious and is felt by her students, especially me. Thank you Rev. Vi, so much." Nancy Hall, Midland, Michigan

"Learning from Rev. Schonhardt is enlightenment in the highest degree. She makes abstract, obscure verses in the Bible intelligible and comprehensible. No drudgery in wading through scriptures. She makes it ever so clear and understandable. I look forward to attending her classes, for I know I shall grow in spirit with clarity and love." - Regina Temple, West Palm Beach, Florida

Rev. Vi is an inspiration to her students. Her perspective is fresh and engaging, allowing her students to take, explore and draw exciting conclusions of their own on all of her spiritual teachings." - Candace D. Wordsworth, North Beach, Maryland