Past Life Exploration

"The realization of perfection takes root in the soul and may come forth in a flash as perfect health. We should not confine ourselves to the present life of the individual but go into previous incarnations in which the work was done that made the genius of this incarnation." (Excerpt from Jesus Christ Heals, Charles Fillmore.)

Your History is Calling You!

Past Life Exploration is a spiritual pathway, which leads to health and wholeness on many different levels. It allows you to look at the bigger picture, which allows holistic healing to take place. It is a doorway to self-discovery.

  • What an awesome and rewarding experience to:
    feel wholeness from a much greater perspective than a current life time;
  • meet yourself as you have been;
  • see where you are on the spiritual path;
  • understand where you want to go! To begin to understand your life journey in a more significant, meaningful way!

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts!

Are you experiencing problems in relationships, health, self-concept, finances, or other areas of your life? These are sometimes manifestations of old harmful energy you have unknowingly brought with you. Through Past Life Exploration, you will experience the power of integration by recognizing this old energy, and learning how to release it.

Would you like to discover your hidden talents and gifts? Past Life Exploration guides you through a process where you will be able to choose strengths you have developed in previous life times, and bring them to a conscious level to experience in this life time. So many possibilities await your discovery. You may have been a writer, a painter, a strong and wise leader, a wonderful parent, an inventor. The possibilities are unlimited.

Your past lives hold countless successes which you can integrate into your present experience, making your journey in this life more rewarding and powerful. As you get in touch with who you were, you have a much greater understanding of where you are right now and where you want to direct your life energy for your future.

"We Create Ourselves, you and I. We create a memory of who we were. We create a wish of who we might become. But those don't really exist, except as ideas in the now." - Webster Kitchell, God's Dog

Past Life Exploration is truly about updating ideas and belief systems which are no longer useful. You can make your life more than wishful thinking by putting into practice tried and true methods of expanding your conscious awareness!

Each lifetime has a purpose! Each lifetime has a theme -- a lesson to learn. By the power of your intention, you determine how you want to use your past life information. As you touch in with your own Akashic Records, you will find that themes of past life times cast their shadow into future life times. One lifetime leads to the next lifetime. There is continuity, a oneness which is the truth of all existence.

Sometimes we accomplish what we have come to accomplish, other times we do not. The choice is always ours. The possibilities for integration, for holistic healing are unlimited. Your changing self-portrait brings fulfillment and deeper meaning to life. As you grow on the path of Past Life Exploration, you will express more and more of the fullness of God's love.

"The experience of past life recall often feels the same as a hunch or intuitive experience that has come true. It feels as if you are remembering, guiding, and healing yourself in a way you do not have to explain or prove. It simply happens; it flows. When you feel better as a result of your recall experience, whether a physical experience has been alleviated, an emotional issue soothed, or you simply feel more confident and peaceful about your life and its direction - all very common results of past life therapy - you don't need to question the logical validity of the experience you have had. You know it has empowered you to improve the quality of your own life or to receive insight about yourself and others in a very tangible way." (Excerpt from Healing Through Time, Brian Weiss, M.D.)

Past Life Exploration Programs and Services

There are two ways to begin your journey on the spiritual pathway of Past Life Exploration ~ Private Coaching Sessions or Group Workshops. Regardless of which option is selected, the journey is tailored to meet the needs of the client or group. The goals for both the Private Coaching Sessions and the Workshops are the same:

  • To guide clients into a greater understanding of Past Life Exploration.
  • To help clients understand and incorporate healing possibilities into life experience.
  • To develop possibilities for integrating past life memories into present life experiences.
  • To bring to awareness a greater understanding of our inner knowing by focusing on our real self, our Christ self.
  • To stimulate thinking and self growth.

Past Life Exploration Workshops

Available in two formats:

  • 2-hour introductory workshop
  • 4- or 5-hour, in-depth workshop

Contact me to discuss fee structures and other details.

Individual Past Life Exploration Sessions - Starts at $75.00

Session includes:

  • preparation and introduction
  • setting intention
  • guided meditation into past life memory
  • integration of past life memories into present life experience

Allow healing to take place in your life as you learn to let go of old hurtful past life energy and as you learn to build on past life accomplishments.

Contact me for additional information about these unique Past Life Exploration experiences.

Phone: 336-364-1009


"This past life regression opened up the way for a completely new understanding of my self and the traits I brought with me, the seemingly fortunate and rather unfortunate ones. Through Rev. Schonhardt's help in interpreting a Swiss lifetime as well as the one I already knew about, I now begin to have a more objective view of myself in all my known lifetimes with all my strengths and weaknesses. It further helps me to see today's challenges in a different light and sharpens my sight about where I have to be careful not to make the same mistake again, like just trying to endure something, but to become active to instill change in favor of myself and my own happiness in the now.

"Rev. Schonhardt's skillful approach helped me tremendously in interpreting my past lives as an asset for today which opened my mind for different and new solutions." - Conny Proulx, Arlington, VA

"I know from speaking with others in the group that the day long class (a workshop) 'flew' by so quickly. Your ability to secure a safe and confidential environment for the participants added to the ease in which I was able to enjoy the day and the benefit I realized through the regression experience has aided me in my collective efforts to always enjoy all of life's events, on any level, as all events lead to growth and learning."

"Thank you for all of your gifts. I look forward to our continued work together." - Margaret Guzman, Durham, NC

"As an experienced hypnotherapist, I was curious to see how Rev. Vi would present past life exploration to lay people. I was quite impressed! Judging from the animated and thoughtful discussion that followed our group exploration, most of us had moving and insightful experiences as well a an opportunity to process them." -  Virginia Brendlen RN, MN Durham, NC