Spirit Communication

“I am happy and I am free and you
are just like me. Free with wisdom.”
(Message from Bubbles, Rev. Vi’s Little Joy Guide)

The Spirit Communication Pathway offers a spiritual perspective of health and wholeness from high states of consciousness. Over 30 years ago I was guided by my teachers in spirit to several special places where, much to my surprise, I was introduced to Spirit Communication and all of its wonders. It was then I became aware I had guides, teachers, and loved ones in the world of spirit who were eager to bring proof of the continuity of life, along with messages of love, hope, and joy from the spirit world. Since then I have been guided very beautifully on my own spiritual path, which I value beyond measure.

We are experiencing immense confusion in today’s world — but it does not need to be that way. Through the help of Psychic Mediumship, you can gain greater clarity about your life, and make the changes that will help you experience growth and enrichment. As a Psychic Medium, I have the privilege of sharing an incredible amount of teachings and wisdom that comes from the world of spirit. I work with you to connect with your own Spirit teachers and loved ones who can open the doors to new insights and understandings for you. As we work together, you can experience greater health, wholeness, and prosperity in your life!

from the Spirit Side of Life

“When a bubble bursts, blow new ones.”

  • Observe your world from an unlimited perspective as you bring healing into your life.
  • Work with your spirit teachers as they guide you on your chosen path.
  • Experience unconditional love and support from the spirit side of life.
  • Receive timeless wisdom that brings fresh insights and guides you to greater understanding.
  • Connect with loved ones who have made the transition into the spirit world.
  • Become open and receptive to the help that is always available from the spirit side of life.
  • Know from within yourself that life is a continuous journey. You are just passing through this physical expression of life.
  • Experience helping yourself and the world through Psychic Mediumship.

The Spirit Communication Pathway is an open door that brings opportunity for fulfillment.


  • Intuitive (Clairvoyant) Readings (Telephone Readings Available).
    Session includes contact with, and guidance from, teachers and loved ones in spirit. $65.00

  • Spiritual Development Class
    This unique on-going discussion/study class meets weekly, and focuses on a variety of topics, including Mediumship Development, Metaphysical Philosophy, Healing, and Meditation. Attendance requires prior approval. You may request an opportunity to attend this special group session by sending an email with your contact information to: Rev.Vi@SpiritualPathways4.me

    The class meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Durham, NC. A $5.00 love offering per class is suggested.

Contact Rev. Vi to schedule an appointment, book an event, or request additional information.

Phone: 336-364-1009
Email: Rev.Vi@SpiritualPathways4.me


"I most appreciate the honest depth of kindness that is part of Rev. Vi’s extraordinary call to minister, to guide and to teach… In an intuitive reading she gave me, I felt a profound connection to spirit as she gave me significant information that only a gifted medium could access." - Ervene Boyd, Raleigh, NC

"If I had to choose one of our shared experiences as my personal favorite, it would have to be our Spiritual Development Class. (Note: class includes Mediumship.) When you first shared with me your idea to teach a development class, I knew it was the right time and you were the right teacher. As a teacher you are able to bring into the classroom experience all of your gifts and your sincere desire to be of service. The opportunity to sit in the silence with like-minded people reassures us that regardless of our physical situations and experiences, all is truly well and every day is yet another opportunity to advance our physical well being. I am learning to be open and receptive to the help that is always ours, here and hereafter." - Margaret Guzman, Durham, NC

"I had an intuitive reading with Rev. Vi and I was very happy! She brought in some of my guides to discuss my family situations. She also helped me see the spiritual path in front of me. I was very pleased with all the information she brought in. Thank you!" - Ladona Tucker, Bay City, MI

"If you ever need to speak with someone who allows spirit to speak truth through them, Rev. Vi is the person to talk with. Timeless wisdom and appreciation of the Divine, will she bless you with. I can count on Rev. Vi to be an attentive listener who gives me timely honest feedback. She is a mentor, minister, mother, and sage for me. I appreciate all she does!" - Weechie Baker, Durham, NC

"I received an Intuitive Reading from Rev. Violet Schonhardt September, 2010. As the reading progressed it developed into a Spiritual Coaching session as well, due to my personal experiences from preceding years. The gentleness and clarity of the reading was most impressive. She communicated with my guides and teachers, bringing hope for my future, and reassurance that I had not strayed from my path -- but was walking the path I was meant to. I was reminded: 'You are not alone; we are always with you.'” - Cheryl Jepson, Myrtle Beach, SC