Spiritual Coaching

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.” - Buddha

So many times I have heard people say, “I will never be able to get over this.” They could be referring to physical abuse, loss of loved ones, or some other devastating event in their lives. It is true that lives are changed drastically as a result of these trying experiences. It is human nature to feel lost and alone, cut off from that which is familiar.

As you learn productive attitudes and ideas through Spiritual Coaching, you are on the road to understanding. These experiences become turning points that can make the tremendous positive differences in your life. Through free will, or desire, you can use these experiences to bring expansion and enrichment into your life rather than getting caught up in the trap of focusing on human limitation.

In spite of a greater light evolving in our world today, many people are experiencing the turmoil of unclear thinking. The energy is abundant and powerful. Through Spiritual Coaching you have the opportunity to learn how to use energy in a way that makes a productive difference in your life.

Your journey with me through SPIRITUAL COACHING involves unfolding your potential and becoming the you, you want to be.

Many of us are familiar with Jaycee Dugard’s evolving story of eighteen years of captivity and abuse, and her ongoing inner journey to greater understanding and enlightenment. Because of her (most would say unbearable) experiences, she has brought a stronger light into this world for all to see. Two examples of her fulfilling self discoveries in her own words are as follows:

“There is life after something tragic.”
“History has taught us that even when it looks like there is no hope, hope still lives in people’s hearts.”

Each of us has a story to tell!

“Every choice I make expands my paths of possibility.” - Sandy Gohlke

  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to let go of any unhealthy (unproductive) belief system?
  • Is it your intention to be completely honest with yourself?

If your answer is yes, then you are ready to move forward on your life journey!

Join me as your guide and learn to open doors to health and wholeness!

The key to success is to learn how to do something right and then do it right every time!

  • Learn how to think outside the box of limited human perception! 
  • Move into becoming a fully functioning part of your oneness! 
  • Build bridges of joy into your tomorrows! 
  • Be the you, you choose to be! 
  • Learn how to be playfully enthusiastic! 
  • Bring balance and abundance into your life! 
  • Become adept at creating something out of nothing! 
  • Experience the joy of self discovery! 


Individual Coaching Sessions:
Individual sessions are available in person, by telephone, or Skype. - Starts at $65.00

Session includes:

  • Self-Discovery, as we explore the areas that would be most helpful to your specific needs.
  • Customization of process based on clarification and individualized creation of intentions and actions.
  • Enlightenment, as together we journey through your personal process.

Contact Rev. Vi to schedule an appointment, book an event, or request further information:

Phone: 336-364-1009
Email: Rev.Vi@SpiritualPathways4.me


"Vi Schonhardt is a force of nature! A dynamo in a petite package, she brings a powerful message of healing harmony to a world in need of both." - Jim Henderson, Ph.D. Durham, NC

"Rev. Schonhardt’s keen insight into human nature, her uncanny ability to draw out meaningful introspection and disclosure from the client’s personal experience, and offer sound life coaching counsel make her an extraordinarily gifted spiritual coach." - Rev. Dr. Bil Holton, Durham, NC

"Rev. Vi is an inspiration to her students. Her perspective is fresh and engaging, allowing her students to think, explore and draw exciting conclusions of their own on all of her spiritual teachings." - Candace D. Wordsworth, North Beach, MD.

"Rev. Vi has mentored me (by phone) for nearly two years now. Her gentle but firm nature, patience, encouragement, unconditional support, sense of humor, openness, joy, and vitality provide maximum freedom for me to examine myself fearlessly and lovingly. She sees me for the perfect spirit I am, and guides me to claim and achieve that vision for myself. Her often-spontaneous and empowering affirmations are a balm for my soul. She is both the catalyst and witness to my spiritual progression, all the while holding me accountable for choices I make that are inharmonious with Good Orderly Direction." - Debbie Jolly, Herndon, VA

"I was fortunate enough to have several spiritual coaching lessons with Rev. Vi. They helped me form a clearer picture of my spiritual goals and her follow-up calls made it possible for me to keep on track." - Carla Garcia, Durham, NC